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Threads is a brand new messaging app developed by the Instagram team that allows users to share text updates and participate in public conversations. Revealed after months of anticipation, Threads has generated significant buzz since March 2023. The platform has garnered attention as a potential “Twitter killer,” leading some to speculate that it could ultimately replace the popular app.

It requires logging in with an Instagram account and supports posts of up to 500 characters with the inclusion of links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long. The app is being developed to be compatible with open and interoperable social networks, reflecting the team’s vision for the future of the internet.

As the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and now Threads, Meta continues to expand its app portfolio and create a new advertising platform. With a user base of over 2 billion from Instagram compared to Twitter’s 250 million, Threads has the potential to make a significant impact. However, it is not available in the European Union due to privacy disputes, and it currently lacks direct messaging and live streaming features, distinguishing it from Twitter.

Expect new features that will help you discover threads and creators aligned with your interests. These updates include improved recommendations in your feed and a stronger search function for seamless following of topics and real-time trends. Stay tuned for these enhancements that will elevate the Threads user experience.

Threads has experienced a remarkable debut, with 30 million users signing up less than 24 hours after its launch. The user base includes prominent accounts such as brands, celebrities, and journalists. The app’s popularity quickly surged, making it the top free app on Apple’s App Store and a trending topic on Twitter. The excitement surrounding Threads is reminiscent of the first day of school, with early adopters eagerly exploring its features and discussing its potential as a game-changer in the social media landscape.

Meta has a mixed track record when it comes to emulating features from other platforms, but their copy-cat rollouts often lead to high engagement among a vast user base. Take Reels, for instance, a feature inspired by TikTok that has become a significant driver of user engagement on Meta’s Instagram. Similarly, when Instagram Stories was introduced, its usage grew exponentially faster than the entire Snapchat app, from which it drew inspiration.

The Impact of Threads on Digital Advertising

While currently ad-free, Threads has the potential to complement Meta’s primary advertising business in the future. As the app evolves, it could provide additional avenues for advertising and contribute to the growth of Meta’s advertising network.

Threads has the potential to challenge Twitter, especially considering Twitter’s recent controversies and user dissatisfaction with content limitations. With Elon Musk’s leadership and a seemingly improvised approach, Twitter has become vulnerable. The emergence of Threads could impact the social media landscape and provide a fresh avenue for ad monetization.

Big Brands are on Threads Now

The competition between Mark Zuckerberg’s newest platform and Twitter extends to major advertisers like Procter & Gamble and Ford, emphasizing the high stakes involved. Some of the most popular Twitter users like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and Bill Gates are already on Threads.

Twitter faced challenges with the verification process, tweet viewing limits, and low-quality content, leading to businesses withdrawing their ads. Users sought alternatives like Mastodon, creating an opportunity for Meta’s Threads.

Threads stands out for its potential integration with other platforms, attracting creators, influencers, and those with large followings. This connectivity has the potential to reshape the social media landscape. Brands exploring Threads will undergo a test-and-learn process to assess its value for their strategies. Results may vary across sectors and industries, and existing performance on Instagram will impact initial Threads following.

To make informed decisions, brands must back their absence from platforms with a solid strategy. Active presence, whether through organic or paid opportunities, is crucial for maximizing potential and making the right choices.

Content Marketing Opportunity

Threads introduces a unique dynamic to content creation as a micro-blogging platform. With an increased character count compared to tweets, it enables more extensive written content. The mention of the “Fediverse” on Threads piques interest, as it connects servers for web publishing through the ActivityPub Protocol. This open, decentralized social networking protocol enables the creation, updating, and deletion of content through a client-to-server application programming interface (API).

The ActivityPub Protocol holds potential for Threads’ impact on content creation, potentially allowing compatibility with apps like WordPress. This could facilitate unprecedented connections between apps. Despite speculations about the decline of blogging, Threads may bring renewed interest to the practice. Monitoring its influence, particularly from an organic content standpoint, is worthwhile.

Threads has the potential to become a valuable platform in the SEO world. As a hub for sharing findings, ideas, and networking among SEO professionals, it may fill the role previously held by Twitter. With the recent usage limits on Twitter, there is a growing demand for alternative platforms, making the timing of Threads’ introduction favorable. The longer character limit on Threads allows SEOs and digital marketers to provide more in-depth insights in their posts, offering a potential benefit for industry professionals.

The Future of Threads

Advertisers are closely monitoring the platform, despite not having the ability to purchase ads at the moment. Considering Twitter’s track record, it is unlikely that Threads will generate as much advertising revenue as Meta’s other platforms. The format and user dynamics of Threads may not be as conducive to attracting significant ad investments compared to other platforms owned by Meta.

Threads faces unique challenges in today’s market that early Twitter did not encounter. Data privacy concerns have hindered its launch in the European Union and sparked attention in the United States. Additionally, the app’s financial stability is uncertain, given Meta’s workforce reductions and Zuckerberg’s significant investments in the Metaverse virtual reality venture amid a slowdown in the tech industry.

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