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From Facebook’s Creators guide, we’ll go over the ins and outs of what this means for you, and how it can help you market your law firm.

Professional mode for profiles

According to Facebook, “We want creators to reach their full potential on Facebook and that means giving you ways to earn money and providing insights so you can understand what types of posts resonate with your community. Until now, these tools were only available on Pages. We know that many creators — especially those who are just starting out — are on profiles, so we’re introducing a professional mode for profiles in the US. With professional mode, eligible creators will be able to unlock revenue opportunities and gain access to tools to help grow their audience.

Notably, one of the first monetization options available with professional mode for profiles will be the Reels Play bonus program, which allows eligible creators to earn up to $35,000 a month based on the views of their qualifying reels. To start with, the program is invite only. Interested creators can sign up to learn more and visit our Meta for Creators blog to learn best practices for creating reels.

We’re excited to enable more people to earn money from their reels, like the engaging videos we’ve seen from creators like Hammy and Olivia and Hakim Collins and we’re continuing to build out features for Reels on Facebook, such as making it easier to compose a video from selecting multiple clips, the ability to save your reel mid-creation as a draft and the ability to create a longer, 60-second reel, which will all be available soon. We also look forward to expanding Reels to more countries next year.

Professional mode also opens up access to post, audience and profile insights — similar to what you can find on Pages today. For example, you can see the total number of shares, reactions and comments that posts have and review your follower growth over time.

Once you turn on professional mode for your profile, anyone can follow you and see your public content in their feed, but you’ll still be in control of who sees what content you share. That means you can share public updates, or decide to share content with just your friends, too.

This new mode is testing with a limited number of profiles today in the US, and feedback has been encouraging so far.

We’ll expand to more people in the US soon, more countries in the coming months and add more tools and capabilities over time, including access to more monetization options and other platform tools.

Updates to the New Pages Experience

For creators who use Pages, we’ve added new features to the new Pages experience we rolled out earlier this year, including a Professional Dashboard that serves as a central destination for admins to review their Page’s performance and access professional tools and insights.

We’re also running a limited test of a new unit at the top of the feed that will provide a snapshot of your post engagement and follower count, as well as tips on how to create high performing content.

We’re also testing an updated post composer that brings a variety of creator-focused features to Facebook. The initial test will include the ability to easily schedule posts. This feature was previously only available on Facebook Business Suite, so with this update, we’re making it possible for creators to schedule posts regardless of their existing workflow and which tool or app they’re using.” -Facebook 

How will Professional Mode for Profiles change the marketing of content? 

Currently, as seen above from Facebook’s latest update, this mode is still in a testing phase and is only available to certain creators. What this will change in time is the ability to monetize your content. Let’s say you run a case update, not only is this information vital to your clients, you can leverage income out of the content itself. 

Engaging content is key when it comes to viewers. Knowing what and when to post is critical, so don’t assume you can just post something and the money will flow in. However, expanding your leads through a social post is a great way to acquire interested parties who wouldn’t have clicked on an advertisement. We suggest having regular updates from your attorneys to keep the clients you have informed, but also show a new audience that your firm cares. 

Do you need help with your firms’ marketing? 

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