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How to stay ahead of the trends in 2021

Staying up to date with the latest enhancements to web development will help you stand out from the crowd. Everyone has visited a website that stands out, but how exactly is it calling attention to itself? Is it something to emulate, or is it an assault on the eyes?  Some trends don’t age well, and since the dawn of the first site launched in 1991, things have changed a lot. Responsive screen size, programming language, design, navigation, and everything in between have evolved rampantly with web development. So how do you know what will stay in style? Timeless design is quietly understated, simple, and sophisticated. Trending looks will always fall out of fashion in time, but keeping up with the latest technology is vital. 

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Among many web development trends of 2021, Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is considered a powerful technology. PWA functions like a website with a native application experience. This allows PWA to run independently of the browser and interact with your audience as a native application. So what does this mean for your customer base? Let’s go over some of the advantages of PWA. 

1.    Reduced development and support costs

2.    Faster launch to the market

3.    Easier distribution

4.    Effortless installation

5.    Saving device power and storage

6.    Seamless maintenance and updating

Furthermore, one of the most critical details in building a PWA is producing a User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design that highlights user experience. PWA should be as close as possible to native applications in their appearance and use. 

Bots and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Bots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are beneficial technologies; they can learn, scan, collect data, communicate, and solve complex problems. Bots and AI are not new to 2021, but they are shaping the future of web development. There are so many in our day-to-day lives that we may not realize how widespread they’ve become. Alexa, Cortana, Siri; these are just a few of the most common AI assistants. Businesses all over the world depend on chatbots to manage their URL. Not only is a chatbot quick, but it’s also there at all hours of the day, removing the need for human moderators/resources. Customers expect constant, simplistic engagement; thus, Bots and AI are crucial for 2021. Let’s look at some of the data in support of Bots and AI. 

1.    74% of users prefer chatbots for simple answers to questions

2.    Since 2019, chatbots have increased 92% as a communication method

3.   The global chatbot market is expected to be worth USD 9.4 billion by 2024

Voice Search 

Internet users prefer flexibility regarding technology, making Voice Search a precious tool in 2021. Voice Search, or Voice-Enabled, allows the user to utilize voice commands to search a website or an app. Although information is traditionally text-based, as humans, we like to communicate verbally. Juniper Research predicts that by 2022, 55% of all households in the world will have voice assistants. However, it is not confined only to virtual home assistants such as Google Home, Alexa, or Siri. Voice optimization for websites is quickly becoming an industry standard for web developers as the technology benefits both the user and the company. So how does this technology help an organization? 

• Allows customers to order more products easily

• Serves as a source of customer analytics and habits

• Saves time

So how can you optimize your website for voice search technology? Here’s a breakdown of some steps you can take to ensure your website is up to par. 

1.    Use conversational language with answers to specific questions

2.    Use schema markup and rich snippets for correct indexing from search engines

3.   Control domain authority (DA) of your website and other search rankings

4.    Use Web Speech API (Google) for speech recognition

5.   Eliminate duplicate pages on your website and update important information

Single Page-Application (SA) 

Single Page-Application (SA) is considered such a standard technology in 2021 that you may not realize you are already using it daily. Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Github, Google Docs are just a few that are all single page-applications. SA creates a space for the user where the load time is seamless, the structure makes sense, and the ease of use is high. The versatility of SA is tremendous across different platforms, screen sizes, and iOS/Android operating systems. So how are companies using SA to their advantage? 

1.    Streamlined simplistic development

2.    Increased performance

3.    Lower interference concerning page loading

SA is a diverse tool when coding responsive websites with desktop, tablet, and mobile apps. The latest versions of SAs are designed using React library which makes it suitable for hybrid apps. With all this in mind, SA applications are a top trend of 2021 for a good reason. 

Blockchain Technology

You have probably heard a lot about blockchain technology with the rise of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, but it’s much more than just a Cryptocurrency. Blockchain provides a two-sided transaction event. This means a decentralized distribution network verifies each transaction. Blockchain allows for transparency, so you know the data is verified and clear. As one of the most rapidly emerging web technologies, how are businesses utilizing blockchain? 

• Lowering financial business expense

• Lessens the quantity of transaction contract

• Providing transparent records/data

For web development purposes, the benefits extend a bit further:

1.    Data security

2.    Safe transactions

3.    Smart prediction system

4.    High web page interactivity

Mobile-friendly Websites

Lastly, according to DataReportal, the number of mobile users worldwide is 5.22 billion as of January 2021. Mobile users depend on websites that are accessible and fast to use. The future of web development is on mobile devices, and for this reason, companies must be aware of how to optimize their website accordingly. Are your links easily clickable? Do your images scale accordingly? Is the type easy to read? When creating websites, many developers focus on desktop, but mobile is the new normal for how we all use the internet in our daily lives. Mobile-friendly websites also rank higher on search engines, creating increased incentives to develop mobile-accessible sites. So what’s the breakdown of how a mobile-friendly website will help your company? 

1.    Builds trust among your audience/customer base

2.    Reaches a broader audience

3.    Easier for your audience to share on social media

Web Development Solutions

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